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Make sure you go over an internet based store‚Äôs return, refund, and shipping & handling methods. This will allow you to figure out if you are still interested in completing a purchase with them or not. A number of auction websites offer guarantees or even free insurance on bogus products or on items which are not brought to you. This particular kind of protective measure is usually comforting for shoppers on their own website. If a ordered item doesn't get delivered, get in touch with the merchant directly and submit the issue in writing.  Make sure to have the details of your purchase available so you can request for a refund. Many people are very wary with regards to buying from online shops that are just new because they have fears that they may get scammed. It is strongly recommended that you should begin using only one credit card when purchasing on the web.  This can help you account for every one of your online purchases. If you notice an item that you want inside an auction website, be sure to perform a little research with regards to the dealer first to reassure yourself that you aren't engaging in any deceptive dealings.